Meet some of the individuals that have been supported through the STEP service.

Meet Terri (Revisited)
(June 2018)

We re-visit Terri’s journey, 5 months on. Recently, she has moved out of supported accommodation and into her own flat.

Meet Kieron
(June 2018)

Kieron found the STEP Service through the Public Living Room. He struggles with substance misuse, loneliness and a lack of support at the weekend. He is now a regular attendee at the Living Room, sharing a positive attitude and encouraging others to take part. Behind the scenes he has a keen interest in origami and has taught this to others who attend the Living Room.

Meet Terri
(December 2017)

Terri suffers from a range of issues including cerebral palsy and struggles on a daily basis with both physical and mental health issues. However, due to her determination and a little bit of help from STEP to get the right support, her presentations at A&E have reduced by 80%. Terri wants to become a volunteer at the Public Living Room and help others on their journey to a better quality of life.

Meet Chris (Revisited)
(June 2018)

We re-visit Chris, 5 months on. He has now gained stable housing, is engaging with Inspire and volunteering.

Meet Colin
(December 2017)

Colin was a frequent attender at the Accident & Emergency Department due to a range of issues including alcohol dependency and self harming behaviour. Since he began working with the STEP team and attending the Public Living Room, he has reduced his A&E presentations by 96%. Colin has ambitions to do more art and wants to teach others in the community. Watch Colin’s video to hear more of his story.

Meet Chris
(November 2017)

Chris is one of our first clients and attended the opening of the Public Living Room. He has problems with substance misuse and mental health but has found working with the STEP Service is helping him to manage these and reduce his attendances at A&E. Always with a sense of humour and a positive attitude towards others, he shares his thoughts with us on his time with the service and Public Living Room.

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