Meet the Team

Meet the team of dedicated staff and volunteers that provide support to our clients

Lucy Nearney

Project Manager

The new year also welcomes a new manager for the STEP team.  Lucy returns to Lancashire after almost a decade of living in Birmingham.  Whilst working in Birmingham, Lucy was most recently working in a Residential Assessment Unit for young people with emotional & behavioural difficulties and challenging behaviours.  Prior to that she was a Health & Social Care Trainer and Assessor in adult secure residential settings.  

Lucy has worked across Lancashire, for several Local Authorities in community engagement, support and enforcement services, across the North West in adult secure settings as a staff trainer and advocate for detainees, prison in reach & resettlement work and managed social isolation projects and several community outreach teams.  Interestingly, she has also managed Local Authority cemeteries, grounds maintenance and street cleansing services.  Lucy has also volunteered for many years on local community environmental action groups, food and clothing banks, women’s forums, homeless centre and homeless outreach projects and 1:1 and family support with people of refugee status or on low income.

“My very first role in social care was at 16 – I was a care assistant in a nursing home for older people who were amputees.  I really enjoyed listening to the life stories of the people who lives there and was very humbled by the difficulties many had faced in the earlier part of the 1900s.  I have learnt so much from all the work and volunteering roles that I have had, and would like to promote the benefits of volunteering.  We have volunteer opportunities available within the STEP Team and would encourage people to give it a go – it can change your life, not just benefit those you are supporting.”

Vicky O'Sullivan

Team Leader

I have spent the last 9 years of my career working across a range of projects which have included supporting a diverse range of individuals with various complex needs. These have ranged from mental health, substance misuse, homelessness and criminality to physical health and emotional wellbeing.

I communicate regularly with professionals at all levels from managing front line staff to liaising with external services on a daily basis. The field of work I have chosen to work in is a vocation and it’s a pleasure to work alongside people to improve their quality of life through a variety of interventions.


Data, Admin & Comms Lead


ABCD & Volunteer Co-ordinator

Neil Capstick

Case Navigator

Louise Windle

Public Living Room Co-ordinator

My previous role was as a private sector housing manager in sheltered accommodation for 55s and over. Throughout my 15 years, I supported tenants with various complex health and wellbeing issues to promote independence and happy living for the years ahead.

I worked with a number of different agencies supporting tenants including District nurses, Occupational therapists, Care agencies, Age UK, Help direct, Benefit agency and GPs.

I have lots of training experience with Mental health, depression, anxiety and the daily challenges we face.

I am currently working on a justice and safety programme, supporting case workers to support women who have been in the justice system to reduce re offending by building up community links and supporting them in the community.

Darren Ruth

Case Navigator

Since joining the STEP team I have gained experience of working with a wide range of issues from severe physical health including Brain trauma, COPD, (DVT’S) Deep vein thrombosis and also support clients with mental health issues.

To get the best support for the client I find it is important to work with Multi agencies including Inspire, Job Centre, Probation, mental health team, Crisis team, Home treatment team, Hostels, Age Uk, Carers service, DWP, Hospital, Transforming lives, Integrated neighbourhood team to give the best possible outcome for the client. 

I have also gained a foundation degree in Alcohol and substance misuse in 2015

Zoe Brindle

Case Navigator

I first became a volunteer at Inspire, then progressed to the post of Community Champion working with clients going through drugs and alcohol addiction. I then became a recovery coordinator where I feel my knowledge and skills vastly improved.

After a year as a recovery worker I wanted to further my knowledge and gained a position with the STEP team working with more complex situations, I feel that I’m aiding in improving people’s lives with the work I do. I am passionate about helping people and making a difference in people’s lives, by taking a non-judgemental approach I find helps in getting the best outcome for my clients.

Victoria Huntriss

Case Navigator

Carmel Clarke

Case Navigator

I have always worked in supportive roles. Previously I worked in criminal justice as a Probation Service officer working in Court and with a caseload. I also worked for many years with the Drug and Alcohol Service as a Recovery Worker and now working as a case navigator assisting people with mental and/or physical health issues.

I enjoy supporting people to ensure they receive the right support/treatment. I am non-judgemental and very approachable. 

Uzma Ahmed

Case Navigator

I have worked in Children’s services and domestic abuse services for over 20 years and during this time I have gained much experience in providing practical support for individuals who may be struggling with issues affecting their happiness and health.

My aim is to help individuals feel included in the community and allow them to be able to live more independently.

As a support worker I can help to set realistic goals and provide support in taking practical steps to improve happiness and health. I support individuals who may sometimes feel unable to cope with issues such as finance, physical/mental health and fitness, substance misuse, abuse, mobility and transport, relationships and families, employment and housing or if they are anxious, stressed, feel isolated or simply overwhelmed. I offer support towards achieving these goals and help find solutions to the causes that might be affecting their quality of life.

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