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How can the Pennine Step team help me?

Are you struggling with your health and wellbeing? Do you have a social, physical, emotional or mental health problem that is impacting on your daily life. From time to time life can be tough.

Living with an issue that impacts on your day to day life is not always easy and can make daily activities very difficult. Your symptoms may cause you to withdraw from social contact (seeing your family or friends) to avoid feelings of worry or stress. 

The Pennine Step team are here to help you and work with you to support and inspire you on a journey to a better quality of life

Personal Support

We can support you to access a variety of services, can accompany you to appointments that will help to improve your overall social, physical, emotional and mental wellbeing.

Information & Advice

We offer tailored support to meet your specific needs to help you to make informed decisions about your care and make healthier life choices. We can support you and your family or carer to better understand your health and wellbeing needs.

Community & Training

We can offer access to community activities, education and training to increase your resilience, emotional wellbeing and build on your personal strengths.

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Change, grow, live

Change, grow, live (CGL) provides help to adults, young people, children and families covering a variety of areas including health and well-being, substance use, mental health, domestic abuse and homelessness.

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